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Don’t be a Statistic!

Pain and discomfort is a major problem in the “Developed World.” In the UK alone, 30% of the population are suffering from bone, joint or muscle pain at anytime.Many aches and pains stop us living fulfilled, active lives. They stop us doing the things we love and make many tasks difficult.We stop moving and we stop living!


Therapyworks offers Physiotherapy for anyone who wants to be active, healthy and lead an energetic life. We respect you as an individual and understand that the one size fits all approach is not appropriate, as we are all unique.

We guarantee to address the factors limiting your life.

We are committed to: 


Reducing your pain


Reducing your pain


Increasing your strength


Increase your mobility and flexibility


Improve quality of movement and giving you your life back.

We have over 25 Years of Experience and have helped 10’s of thousands of patients live pain-free fulfilled lives.

We use our “3D” approach to identifying the real cause of your problem. We treat you (not your x-ray or scan) and provide a customised FIT-4 programme to help you look, move and feel better.

Where does it Hurt?

Problems We Can Help With

Head & Neck

Top Tips to 
Stop neck pain being a "Pain in the Neck"

Arms & Hands

Top Tips to 
Give your elbow pain the elbow

Back & Hips

Top Tips to 
Get rid of back pain & get "back in action"

Legs & Feet

Top Tips to 
Kick your leg pain 
into touch


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If you're suffering from joint or muscular pain, our professionals can provide excellent treatments designed for you. To discuss your needs and what options we can provide for you, call us on 01446 794166 or if you're ready to book a consultation click below!

I have always found that Hywel's treatment and diagnosis was always very professional and first rate, his advice on all aspects of rehabilitation and treatment I found to be very precise and easy to understand. He offered tremendous support especially at times of prolonged rehabilitation and for that I am grateful. Not just in a physical way but in psychological one as well.

Craig Quinnel

Hywel's work ethics was professional and his knowledge was of the highest standard. He also went out of his way to treat and to rehab you, even if it was outside his working hours. His diagnosis of injuries and rehabilitation was 100% correct and even assisted me to return much quicker back on to the playing field. Hywell is one of best Physiotherapist I dealt with in my 15 years of playing professional rugby.

Peter Muller

Hywel always acted with a high degree of professionalism, incorporating a high level of medical knowledge with excellent patient care. He treated me with the respect I deserved as his patient, yet developed a relaxed and good - natured atmosphere, resulting in me being comfortab le coming to him with any injuries and at ease with any concerns they may have caused me

Matt Allen


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